Through the development of its collections, Future Home implements sustainable initiatives that reflect the values ​​of the company and its consumers while respecting all legislative and ethical obligations.

Fight against plastic

No more plastic at Future Home!

The company has been committed to the environment : since July 2019, our bedding sets are packaged in a pretty reusable fabric bag from the same material than the duvet cover.

Wastewater recycling

Water is a very important resource for industrial activities despite its limited availability.

Since 2010, our production sites have been implementing creative means to limit its consumption through awareness campaigns, devices to reduce and monitor flow pressure, elimination of leaks and the use of very advanced recycling systems.

Waste management

Reducing, recycling, reusing and safely disposing waste can alleviate many global environmental problems.

That is why all our wastes are transferred to a designated area, our employees are also trained for the management of hazardous waste. This waste is then properly reused, recycled (internally and externally) or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Green initiatives

Future Home wants to develop its activity while prioritizing a green safety environment.

The group makes significant savings by using natural gas and therefore reduces its emissions (approximately 50,000 tonnes of CO2 saved / year).
In addition, the latter is behind many initiatives for a better future such as the planting of thousands of trees.

Energy conservation

Conserving energy not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also dramatically reduces costs.

As a result, the group is taking initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint: energy-efficient generators, L.E.D tube lamps, centrifugal compressor, heat recovery, absorption cooler…

Chemical safety

We are committed to eliminating harmful chemicals from our supply chain.


The group takes its social responsibility very seriously and sets up numerous programs: donations for charitable organizations, blood donation programs, food distribution, women's day…